Monday, January 14, 2013

Windsor carpark project, plus new walls in the new year

just before the year ended, we set out to do one final project before the end of the year.
we were in talks about painting an entire carpark in windsor for some time, and finally organised ourselves enough to dare to do it.

the idea was to buff different colour sections, and each artist starts painting from left hand side and goes over the other side a little bit at the other end, thus creating a continuous flow of images.. 
seemed good enough in theory, but was a big task to pull it off properly. after nutting it out for a while, we decided best way was to hire industrial air-compressors with spray-guns, and a couple of scissor-lifts, and a hell of a lot of buff paint. 

Photo by Dean Sunshine. 

apart from us, the boys from SDM crew came down to put up some fine pieces, as well as Meggs from Everfresh crew. More photos below.

Photos by Dean Sunshine and David Russell. 

soon after we scored a wall nearby and hit it with Rad and Hancock:

I painted Ming the Merciless off Flash Gordon series, which takes place on planet... MONGO!

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