Friday, July 27, 2012

MANIFEST - new solo show at Rtist Gallery, and other updates

First things first - here's the flyer for my next solo show. it's at Rtist Gallery, Prahran. Really stoked to be part of Rtist crew, which reps AWOL crew, DMV crew, Niels "SHOE" Meulman, Sofles, Urban Cake Lady, Fintan Magee, Unwell Bunny and more. 

was part of a group show, with my boys Hancock, Rad, P-Yeah, JD, Facter, and Mysterious Al, titled Paperape. Check out pics from it here.

Scored a funny looking but pretty slick and cool foldable Strida bike for a design job i did for a mate. this was an "extra" in the deal, i'm waiting for the real bike to be dropped off anytime soon.. stay tuned!

my cousin Tansi visited me from Berlin, and we went to Above's farewell party in Collingwood.
 and we got drunk and grabbed cans and this came out..

and sometime later i painted a wall inside Melbourne Central. the first half came out all weird, cos i think i must've been still recovering from Above's party..

 But come nighttime, this owl happened. pretty happy with the feathers and the splashes.

afterwards, did this little sith lordy dude for a charity at Home Made Jam gig. 

and painted this for my mate Kiah, who's making an independent zombie film, called Wyrmwood.

 and lastly, always remember who pees in the prime spot