Thursday, December 27, 2012

End of the Year (and the World)

below is my last couple of months in pictures. busy times. hectic schedules. mad parties. and a whole lot of blood sweat and tears. 

did a bit of nature landscaping for my good friends Phu and Ellen at Studio Something. check out their website. they kick ass. 

and a first major collab with my boys Hancock and Rad. this was for George Lane Block Party in St. Kilda. 

Then came the Grand Final of Secret Wars (or Walls, whatever) between the two from our crew, Hanock and Jacky D. Hanky took home the grand prize (on the right side). and we all nursed our hangovers for following few days. Big win for all of us. 

and then Dean Sunshine dropped his book - Land of Sunshine. Dean is a mad dog, a mad dog with a camera, who snaps everything, and he put a book out with all of them photos, and i'm in it, alongside some of the freshest in Burn city. very humbled. thank you sir! 

you see, Dean was there from my day 1 in Burn city, and managed to document pretty much anything noteworthy in my short career so far. 

Dean threw us a massive launch party for his book, with never-ending vodka cocktails and good tunes. some party photos i found here at oyster mag website. the book is available through General Pants stores, NGV bookstore, Signed and Numbered in Prahran etc. OR you can buy your copy directly from Dean's website:

For Dean's book launch, I painted a mongolian shaman dancing at the end of the world.. this was another collab with Hancock and Rad. 

each year, my studio, the Blender studios, have a christmas party to celebrate the year we had, and to showcase what we all been up to with a massive open studio event, with drinks and djs and live bands, you name it. and each year we make t-shirts to mark the occasion. this year was my turn to design the tshirt, and i did caricatures of all the guys. 

if anyone wants either large or medium size of this tshirt, i have VERY few left. email me. 

next up, did some promo work for my mate Kiah's self funded zombie flick Wyrmwood. if anyone remembers, i did a painting for it earlier this year. this time around, the boys are running a campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds so they can finish making the movie. Well, they amied for $20,000 but at the time of me posting this, they have raised well over $28,000 with 54 days still to go till the end of the campaign! and its no wonder, the 7min teaser they posted on youtube (which you can watch just below) has gone viral, with well over 260,000 hits in matter of few weeks. anyway, my part of the campaign is to "zombiefy" you. i've got a few orders in already, and below is the sample i did of Kiah himself zombiefied. go to their campaign page, watch Kiah and Tristan tell you what's up, and choose a package to support, if you're up for it. it's gonna be fucking killa! 

sometime during all this, put this piece up in Hosier lane, an another tribute to the people of Tibet, who've made the ultimate sacrifice in their fight for freedom. 94 people have self-immolated in Tibet since february this year, and yet, sadly it's still not seen as a major problem in the world. read more here. and show your support. 

shortly after, we were filmed by french TV crew for Canal+ for a documentary on street art, apparently to screen sometime next year. Yet another collab with Hanky and Rad. 

All of our pieces got slashed pretty much straight after, cos we went over a "RIP" piece, although, when we got to the wall, it was pretty much tagged all over, and half covered by a massive throwie. anyway, game is game, and I'm sorry if we offended. 

The TV frenchies needed more footage, so i did this outside my studio. i painted a portrait of my mate Fletch whose birthday was just around the corner, and seemed like a good present for once. i did kind of go wonky on his glasses, but all in all not too shabby for a quick session. 

soon after, i scored a wall in Fitzroy, to do whatever i wanted, so i went Mongolian Metal all over that mother fucker. Happy End of the World!

(Photo by David Russell aka Dave Hustle)

Happy New Year everyone! don't forget to feed your inner juvenile delinquent :)

as for me, I'm always ready for the next wall.

oh and btw, i'm gonna be a dad next year ;)