Monday, June 14, 2010


Melbourne is one cold city. You wouldn’t think I’d say this after spending half of the “proper“ winter in Mongolia, with snow and ice and winds and all. Yet it is bloody cold here. In Mongolia you get the coldness, but it’s dry and so long as you got the layers, and windproof, you’re gonna be ok, cos you’d be warm inside. But in Melbourne, everything gets damp, the humidity seeps right through whatever you’re wearing, and it stays there. The houses are built for summer conditions, the windows are just a single sheet of glass. They need to install some of them vacuum windows. Those bad boys would definitely cut the cost of electricity we use for heating. I must be getting old.
In other news, I lost a whole box of books and paintbrushes, pens and pencils, MY ROTRING PENS in a boot of a cab in Sydney. I was ready to punch myself to death. The fresh start will have to be a fresh fucking start now, haha. Otherwise, I’m ok.

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