Saturday, August 15, 2009

Juan Francisco Casas and Robert Longo

Just discovered this dude, JUAN FRANCISCO CASAS, a Spanish artist who does some killer giant ballpoint pen drawings.

These are kind of like Robert Longo's 80s drawings of jumping men and women in suits, titled 'Men in the Cities', they're all photorealistic as hell, and as big and as ambitious anyway. (YBA Sam Taylor Wood later did photo self-portraits 'suspended', which is kind of relevant to both, cos she is semi naked, and frozen mid-air, and she is as ambitious as well, haha, she did a video of David Beckham sleeping (a-la Warhol) which goes for 67 minutes). Apparently now Longo's into drawing cleavages, which is awesome. I never knew this, but I also found out that Longo directed Johnny Mnemonic, that movie with Keanu Reeves where he plays Neo waaay before The Matrix.

And here's a video that was clearly inspired by Longo's Men in the Cities:

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